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KRATOM CANADA | BUY KRATOM | INDOKRATOM.CA | WINNIPEG | offers pure botanical products, which are tested for safety, purity & quality.


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This Revival Blend consists of effective botanicals; to promote relief, relaxation and help with inflammation.
(Turmeric (Organic) & Super Red Bali)
*Available in Capsules!

This Passion Blend includes an effective botanical combination to increase libido, stamina, energy, and mood!
(Tongkat Ali & Super Green Borneo)
*Available in Capsules!

This Green Energy Blend consists of two, effective botanicals combined to increase energy, motivation and focus!
(Yerba Maté & Super Green Borneo)
*Available in Capsules!

The ZEN Blend brings the best botanicals out during moments of anxiety.. through their unique relaxing effects.
(Kava Kava & Super Red/Gold Maeng Da)
*Available in Capsules!

.*Popular item! 65% MIT!
MIT65 Blueberry Muffin Tincture

*Lemon or Mixed Berry Jelly’s!

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