KANNA Capsules (500mg)


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Kanna Capsules, the natural and non-extracted version of Kanna that contains the full spectrum of Kanna alkaloids in every 500 mg capsule. This means you get the full benefits of Kanna in one measured size!

Kanna, also known by its scientific name Sceletium Tortuosum, has been used for centuries in South Africa, where it was traditionally chewed for its psychoactive effects. Even Dutch explorers in the 1600s observed its widespread use among native peoples.

Kanna is a powerful and highly coveted ethnobotanical, known for its stimulating and relaxing effects. Its popularity has even spawned an active online community similar to Kratom’s.

Kanna, or Sceletium Tortuosum, has a rich history in South Africa, where it has been used for centuries for its effects. In modern times, Kanna is prized for its mood-lifting, stimulating, and relaxing properties, and it is considered one of the most powerful and highly coveted ethnobotanical available.

If you’re looking to add a powerful and effective herbal ally to your ethnobotanical collection, Kanna is an absolute must-have. They have been lab tested to ensure purity and quality.

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