Dragon’s Breath Blend


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If you are looking for a truly remarkable, intense and amazing Kratom incense experience, then this is the strain for you!

The new Dragon’s Breath Blend is an extremely potent blend of two premium Kratom incense strains.. Super Red Dragon Tai & Super Green Malay.

It is well-known among veteran, Kratom Incense creators that mixing different strains and colours leads to a more powerful and balanced experience. In-fact, most long-time Kratom Incense creators mix strains to improve their experience and to avoid tolerance.

*There is something called ‘stagnant strain syndrome’, if someone burns the same strain over and over.. then it will lose its magic. One of the cures for ‘stagnant strain syndrome’ and a solution to high tolerance, is to blend as many high quality Kratom Incense strains as possible. This is why we have endeavored to create the ultimate Kratom Incense blend!

So, if you feel like your daily Kratom Incense experience is becoming dull and losing its magic, then you have to try this strain out today!

*Other strains or blends may have little effect after continued use of this product.

*Herbal products will naturally vary in colour from one batch to another.

Please note that our products are raw materials intended for research, botanical, and aromatherapy uses only. They are not intended for human consumption.

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