Bags – White Maeng Da – 5ct




The past few years have seen a rise popularity of kratom as an aromatherapy product.

Pre-Measured bags are one of the most popular ways of infusing Kratom into your Incense products. Each package contains 5 bags. Each pre-measured bag contains approx. 3.5 grams of fresh & potent crushed Kratom Leaf.

How To Infuse: Add 1-3 bags into a container & add boiling water. Steep 5-20 minutes. Use at your leisure. *You can brew the same tea bag twice!

This White Maeng Da Kratom was harvested from mature leaves which contain maximum levels of Mitragynine. This Kratom went through a specialized drying process involving drying in a room with no light and briefly drying out in the sun. The mature nature of the leaves at harvesting time and the specialized drying process are what define this strain as White Vein. *Due to the high levels of Mitragynine relative to Red Vein and Green Vein, White Vein Kratom is an invigorating Incense product.

*Please note that our products are raw materials intended for research, botanical and aromatherapy uses only. They are not intended for human consumption.